Concierge Health Services

Concierge Health Advocacy Services

The Perfect Complement to Your Employee Benefits Program

Self Insured Plans offers Concierge Health Advocacy Services from HealthAdvocate – a program that enhances employee benefits and helps plan members save time and money – optimizing the healthcare experience.

Concierge Health Advocacy is centered around a team of highly trained Personal Health Advocates who work directly with employees, spouses, dependent children and other eligible family members to help resolve a wide range of healthcare and insurance-related issues that can be challenging for both employees and Human Resources staff. Advocates serve as liaisons with healthcare providers, insurance companies and health-related community services. They stay involved until all issues are completely resolved and are even available to address any follow-up needs.

Help is there 24/7 with just one, simple call to a toll-free number. Eligible employees will benefit from:

  • A dedicated Personal Health Advocate assigned to address the employee's specific concerns.
  • Advocates who interact with the providers and insurance companies to do any research necessary.
  • Advocates who know the ins and outs of healthcare and insurance systems
  • Advocates ability to locate providers, make appointments, uncover claims and billing errors, find specialists and eldercare and explain medical conditions and treatments.

Concierge Health Services can help relieve worry from your employees and workload from your HR staff.


concierge health advocacy services

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